Our olive trees

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The olive tree is one of the oldest cultivated trees in the world. In ancient Greece it represented a mythical symbol (totem) that was given special honour and care. Olive trees were cultivated before the written language was invented and the oil served primarily as a source of light but also as a source of food.

We are very grateful to have found several hundred well-tended olive trees on our land. Some of these have lasted for several generations, some are even older than 100 years.

Being aware of such a precious gift from nature we treat our trees with utmost care and respect. While we produce everything on our farm organically, our approach goes beyond “organic” or “sustainable”. We aim to regenerate the soils and the ecosystem where our trees grow.

“Our passion is to regenerate the soil, which is the base of all life on earth.”

We believe that only a healthy soil, full of life, is able to provide the conditions for a plant to thrive and therefore to produce healthy food that feeds healthy people.

We regularly apply regenerative techniques to improve the soil and make them more resilient against pests, diseases and, the effects of climate change (especially drought).

With the help of our soil lab we are able to assess any soil sample in order to then define the appropriate regeneration method for that specific soil type. Also, we are able to determine improvements in soil quality over time.

Our regenerative methods normally involve solid or liquid compost. This high-quality compost contains beneficial microorganisms which are in charge of making nutrients available for the plants and protecting them from pests and diseases.

We are still in the initial stage of this journey but the first promising results are starting to be noticeable.

Our olive oil

We produce a premium cold-pressed olive oil containing the power of the Calabrian sun and the love and care we devote to the trees.

Our two main cultivars are called “Carolea” and „Nostrano“ (or Geracese).

Above some pictures of the olive harvest in fall 2020.

We also use olive oil, with its medicinal properties, to produce healing products such as balms and herbal-infused oils.

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