Soil consultancy and laboratory

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There is no such thing as poor soils,
rather a lack of life in the soils.

Helpful microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi,
protozoa, and nematodes are responsible
for making nutrients in the soil available
for plants and trees.

Purpose and offer

Our purpose is to assist in the regeneration of soils through the assessment of soil biology, the production of high quality, ecologically complete compost and inoculum, the production of compost extracts and compost teas, and the design and implementation of soil regeneration strategies.

We are running the first soil life laboratory in Calabria (South of Italy) assisting in the regeneration of soils across Europe. We combine soil food web science with permaculture practices, regenerative agriculture, and other ecological principles to achieve our goals.

We offer soil life assessments to determine the health of the ecological systems present in soil, compost, root systems, ponds, and agricultural products.

How does it work in short?

We carry out a soil biological assessment of the client’s soil with the help of a microscope and create a complete biological soil report. Then, we make recommendations to improve the soil depending on our client’s goal.

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